Introducing the new Desktop app

A new and improved version of our Desktop App! 🚀 

Our desktop app has been completely redesigned to focus on the features that matter most to capture a Loom with confidence.

The Desktop app now also has a unified look and feel as our Chrome Extenstion so recording with Loom should feel familiar and easy no matter what recorder you choose.

Take a look below at what has changed!👇

⚠️ Please Note: This new version of the Desktop app is currently being rolled out to all users. It may not be your experience quite yet. 

New on the Loom Desktop App:

  • Re-designed Prerecording Menu

    Changing recording modes and checking your mic settings has never been easier than with our newly designed pre-recording menu.

  • Favorite features added to Pre-Recording Menu

    We have also moved our most valued features: Effects, Speaker Note, and Canvas to one place in the pre-recording menu for easy access. CleanShot

  • Hidden Controls

    You now have the option to hide your recording control menu from your final recording. ⚠️ The option to hide controls from the final recording is only available on MacOS 12.3 and Win10+.

    What you see while recording                            Final result                        Screen     Screen

  • Draggable recording menu and controls

    Drag the pre-record menu anywhere on your screen before starting a recording. It will remember your preference for future sessions to avoid blocking important information.CleanShot

  • Auto-Enhancement Preferences

    Taking advantage of features like touch-up appearance, auto lighting, filler word removal, and noise filtering before recording to get the best take on the first take.CleanShot

  • Confetti in your recording controls 🎉

    A Confetti button now lives in the recording control panel so you can add a pop of joy with ease.


What version of the Desktop app will provide me access to these changes?

You will need to be on the latest version. To check your on the latest version, click on the "..."  in the top right-hand corner of your Loom app. You'll see the option Check for Updates, click this to make sure you are up to date.

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