How to bulk update videos

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You can perform bulk actions on videos you created in a Space or your Library. To select videos, check the box on the left side of the video thumbnail, as seen below.       


Once you start selecting videos, you'll have the option to take the following actions:

    • Share: You can share the videos in a space within your workspace.

    • Move: You can move the videos to an existing or new folder.

    • Archive: You can move the videos to your Archive folder if you no longer want the video viewable or in your video Library. 

    • Delete: You can delete the videos permanently. This action cannot be undone.


Please note the following:

  • More granular changes to a video such as changing video privacy settings or video titles will need to be done on an individual level.

  • You cannot bulk delete or archive videos you are not the creator of. 

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