When recording with the Loom Chrome Extension, you can control your video with these handy keyboard shortcuts. 

Recording Shortcuts 🎥

While recording, you can start, pause, cancel and finish your recording with these 3 handy shortcuts. 

  • Start & Finish Recording =  Alt+Shift+L  
  • Pause & Resume Recording =  Alt+Shift+P 
  • Cancel Recording =  Alt+Shift+C

Video Shortcuts ⏯

You can also control your video's playback with this set of keyboard shortcuts: 

  • Jump Forward 10 Seconds =  Right Arrow or  L 
  • Jump Back 10 Seconds =  Left arrow or J
  • Step Forward 1 Second =   . 
  • Step Back 1 Second =   , 
  • Play or Pause Playback = K or Space Bar
  • Toggle Full Screen = f
  • Volume Up = Arrow Up 
  • Volume Down = Arrow Down 

Having issues? Here's what you can do. 

If you would like to override, or double-check, what shortcuts you have set, copy and paste this 👉chrome://extensions/shortcuts into your URL bar to edit or review. 

This video here will take you through this. 😄

Happy recording! 😄📹

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