Anyone who updates their Loom extension, new users or existing alike, are going to be caught off guard by permission modal that looks like this:

The specific permission that has caught people off guard is the first bullet:

  • "Read and change all your data on the websites you visit"

The funny thing is that has always been a requirement of Loom in order to offer the capture type of Desktop recording. The only difference is that in order to offer our integrations to expand videos inline and allow you to grab your videos from the Loom Hint, we needed to re-request these permissions.

We promise that that we respect our users privacy and security of information above all else. Without the people using Loom and their trust in us we would cease to exist. We are simply trying to deliver as much value as possible to our users and it required new permissions from Chrome in order to do so.

It's unfortunate that the messaging for Chrome reads the way it does, but it is intentionally written to create pause for security sensitive users. 

It's actually a very common permission. And a default permission for any video recording applications.

Check your other extensions at chrome://extensions and I'm sure many others have that same requirement.

A video from Loom's founder and CEO, Joe Thomas 

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