With Loom, recording and sharing a video has never been easier. Every video you record is automatically hosted on a publicly shareable URL that can be watched by anyone, regardless if they have a Loom account. Don't worry though, Loom is secure

Below are the 4 primary ways you can instantly share a video once it is done recording.

1) Copy and paste the video link anywhere

Think of it like sharing the link of a news article or a YouTube video. You can paste the link anywhere and anyone can click the link to watch it. The image below shows where to find any Loom video link. 

Alternatively, you can also copy the video link from the Share button below the video. 

2) Send video via Gmail

Sending your video via Gmail will minimize your work. A single click will open a new window, stylize a video thumbnail and write the subject link of the video for you. All you have to do is add the recipient for your email!

If you want an in depth look at the "Sharing with Gmail" and the Gmail integration in general, please visit this article.

3) Embed the video onto your website

You can choose between a "Responsive" or a "Fixed Size" HTML code. This will allow you to have the video play directly within your website. Paste it into your website editor and the Loom player with your video should pop up. This is a great way to provide a seamless experience to your visitors without having to leave your page. 

An example an embedded Loom video: HubSpot Sales Process CRM

4) Share with Facebook or Twitter social buttons

With a single click you can share your video with a message to both Twitter or Facebook allowing you to distribute your video to your social networks instantly!

You will be redirected to Twitter and Facebook's websites where you will be asked to login to your account (if not already) and where you will be able to further customise your message before posting it as seen in the image below. This is a great way to reach a larger audience seamlessly. 

What's next? 

Happy Recording! 😄🎥

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