Our team has been working hard on collecting your feedback to build a stronger and better version of Loom. We're calling it Loom Pro 🚀

With Loom Pro, you'll be able to do things you've never done before:     

  • Ultra HD/4K with the all-new Desktop app 
  • Add Call-To-Action buttons to your videos (close leads, sign up users to your webinar, etc.) 
  • Utilize recording tools like Mouse Emphasis, Drawing, and Custom Recording Dimensions 
  • In-depth viewer insights (who watched your video and how long did they watch it for) 
  • Unlimited video storage
  • And a lot more features coming soon!  

How much does Loom Pro Cost?

Loom Pro is available for $10/month per user or annually with two months for free!

How do I upgrade to Loom Pro?

Great question! Once you're logged into your account at loom.com please go to your Account Settings and click on the 'My Plan' section to upgrade or click here

What if I want to upgrade my entire team?

If you would like to upgrade your team of 10 or more people, please contact us at support@loom.com so we can ensure you're set up for success! 

Happy Recording! 😄📹

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