Have you tried to record a Loom video from a new tab without a URL or the the Chrome Settings page, only to find yourself being denied by this little message "Can't Record Here"?

This is because these aren’t really web pages, they’re a part of the Chrome application. 

The way we’re able to show you the Loom menu and get that beautiful face of yours on camera is by adding our own code to the HTML web page that you have open.

Since those pages don’t have any code to display, as they're not part of the web and just application pages, we can’t inject our own code on these pages in order to start a recording.

The Workaround...

Fear not! You can absolutely still record these pages. Quick trick is to start your video capture from another URL-based page (such as loom.com / or facebook.com)  and then move over to any page you'd like! Where there's a will, there's a way! 

What's next?

Happy Recording! 📹😄

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