It is possible to record your presentation slideshow with Loom in Powerpoint, Keynote, or Google Slides (and similar applications). 

Google Slides

The most effective method of recording your presentation is with Google Slides. This browser-based platform allows Loom to record your presentation and add a camera bubble so you can add an element of personalization to your video. 

Here's an example of a Google Slides presentation recorded with Loom.  

To record this type of video, please make sure to select "Screen and Cam" and "Full Desktop" in your Recording Settings when you launch Loom:

Once you are done recording, you can keep your video nice and clean by trimming the Loom video to get rid of any unnecessary bits. 

PowerPoint, Keynote and Others

If you want to record your presentation directly from the Powerpoint or Keynote applications, Loom will be able to capture your voice and screen, but not your camera. 

Loom cannot add the camera bubble to the recording if you choose to record a different application than the browser. The camera bubble is directly connected to the browser, so while Loom will capture the PowerPoint/Keynote applications, the camera bubble will not appear. 

Therefore, when recording in these applications, we will be able to capture your voice and screen, but not camera. As a workaround, you can always save your document to an online platform like Google Slides or Dropbox, and record your presentation from your Chrome browser. 

Enjoy recording your presentations with Loom!

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