Ummm, uhhh, errrr, burp, hiccup... mistakes happen when recording videos! 

But that's okay because Loom offers a video edit / trimming feature so you'll never have to re-record your entire video again 💪

To begin trimming your videos, click on the scissors icon in the options menu below the video:

You have now entered trimming mode! ✂️

From there, click "Start Trimming" and adjust the flags to the area you'd like to remove from the video. Then click "Remove" to remove that section.

If adjusting the flags aren't your thing, no worries! You can always adjust the flags with the time boxes under the video. You can really get the most accurate trim possible!  🕒

You can trim multiple clips in the same trimming experience. You can also go back and edit the trims you previously made. 

Once you're done trimming and you're happy with how your video looks, just hit "Publish Changes" and Loom will begin processing your changes. 

This will make sure that all of your trims will be saved and your video will be edited. 

Your video will now begin processing and a progress indicator will appear (spoiler alert: it's very cute 🐶). 

And that's it! You should now have a trimmed video that is ready to be shared with your audience.

What's Next

Happy Recording! 😄📹

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