It’s our goal to bring Loom videos to our community in their favourite platforms. 

For this reason, it was a logical next step to partner with Embedly to seamlessly embed Loom videos in various platforms like Medium and Notion. Your Loom videos will now reach entirely new audiences and take your content to a whole new level. 

And speaking of looking great, you can now use Embedly's Code Generator to customize how your Loom videos embed and interact with the different supported platforms. 

Here's a few of the new cool things you're now able to accomplish with Loom: 

  • Gain new supporters for your Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns by adding compelling Loom videos to your posts;
  • Engage your Medium audience with a video component in your posts;
  • Create engaging materials and document team training in your Notion articles. 

For a look on how the embedded videos will look on the different platforms, take a peek at the Loom video we recorded for this announcement below: 

What's next?

Happy Recording! 😄📹

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