Folders allow you to neatly organize your Loom videos from your My Videos library. 

You can move, star, and rename your folders. Just keep in mind that your videos will populate in chronological order within their respective folders. 

Creating Folders

To create a new folder, select New Folder at the top right corner of your My Videos page. 

To add videos to a folder you can either use the Move To Folder button, from below your video, or by simply dragging and dropping your video from your My Videos page.

Organize your Folders 

Starring Folders

Mark folders with stars for quick accessibility. Your starred folder will appear in the Starred section on  your left side menu. To remove the folder from your Starred section, simply click the gold star again. 

Sharing Folders

To share a group of videos, you can use our Share Public Folder feature. 

Deleting Folders

To delete a folder, first select Archive from the folder options. Then go into your Archived folder to delete it permanently. Your Archived folder is in the bottom left of your my video page. 

We've added this extra step as a safe guard in case you'd like to recover any videos later. 😉

Why can't I drag my video into the folder?

The video is being copied into your folder, however for Loom Basic users, it will also remain on your main video page. The rationale behind this functionality is to help  Loom Basic users keep track of their videos and under their active video limit

For Loom Pro users who have unlimited storage, as you drag your video into a folder, it will disappear off the main page. 😊

What's next? 

Happy Recording! 😄📹

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